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Praxisklinik Dr. med. dent. Peter Prechtel

Dr. Peter Prechtel

Zahnarzt, Fachzahnarzt für Oralchirurgie, M.Sc. oral implantology, Spezialist Implantologie

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Implantologie und Kieferchirurgie an der Asamkirche München
Sendlingerstraße 20
80331 München Altstadt-Lehel

Fon: +49 (0)89 - 23 26 95 80

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Curicullum Vitae Dr. Peter Prechtel Oral maxillofacial surgeon, specialist implantology,DDS, certified implantology referent (BDIZ / EAO) International Guest Professor (University Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) born in Munich /Germany 1986-93,study of dentistry and human medicine at University of Munich (LMU) 1991,study at University of Adelaide/ Australia 1992,study at University of Toronto/ Canada 1993,doctorate in dental science (German PhD) 1993-96,department of oral-maxillofacial surgery /University of Munich, scientific and teaching assistant of Prof.Dr.mult.D Schlegel 1996-97,in-patient doctor olympic village Garmisch-Partenkirchen,Clinic Dr.Schartmann / main areas: traumatology/periodontology/supraconstructions 1997-00,joint private practice for maxillofacial surgery with Dres. Seeliger/ Zauner Munich,in-patient doctor SANA Klinik München-Solln (private german clinic group) 2000,private practice for facial surgery & implantology with Prof.Dr.Dr.Fischer-Brandies Since 2001,owner & chairman of private clinic for implantology in Munich, center for implant diagnostics / Munich member of several European implantology associations like BDIZ, DGZMK, DGI, DGParo, EDI, IOIC, DGZI, BDO, EAO, BGMKG More than 250 nat. & intern. lectures/ courses on oral surgery, bone transplantations and implantations, more than 8000 implantations

Since 1997 certified implantology referent (BDIZ / EAO), 2000 referent of BLZK / EAZF (european academy for dental education),lecturer of camlog biotechnologies, referent of div. implantology companies like Dentsply-Friadent Years of extensive clinical experience in field of membrane techniques, sinus liftings, bone graftings, bone transplantations, zirkonia implants Dental Implants- a part of beauty medicine- is our world. Having a beauty face means having a nice smile, nice lips, nice teeth. That means private and professional success. Even finding a partner is much easier. Motto of the dentine smile group /Munich is : "We give you back your smile again!". Your Happiness – Your Contentedness – Your Selfconfidence Hey someday it happens to everybody: Teeth loosing - like some teeth will get inflamed, need to be pulled, leaving gaps. The unloved thirds become due, if they cannot be replaced by fixed bridges due to missing natural posts. Conventional treatment means, get a removable denture placed - an idea you won‘t even think of! Wearing dentures somehow means to be cast aside. The replacement of teeth is a must. Any removable dentures are not necessarily the only solution. This is conventional dentistry of the last centuries. Lets talk about better aging medicine or just normal modern treatment therapies in dentistry: Esthetic dentistry, pink esthetics, zirkonia crowns, ceramic prosthetics, esthetic implantology, bone transplantations, sinus liftings, membrane techniques, parodontology. We inform you about all possibilities in modern dentistry and give you a individual treatment planning. Ask for a Appointment in our personal atmosphere. Our rooms are in the Center of Munich near Marienplatz (Old Town) Phone 0049-89 23269580 for implant diagnosis or email Short Definition of Touth implants : Dental implants are usually made from pure titanium.Titaniumoxid is biologically neutral and does not provoke any allergies or rejections in the recipient body. It is thus ideally suited to adhere to the jaw. Subgingival healing time is 3 month. Then we do a reopening. Healimng caps are inserted before the prosthetic part begins. Ceramic implants used in former times showed similar results in adhering to the bone, the other properties of the material, especially its pressure stability, however, were inferior. Today we have Zirkonia implants like Ziterion, Zlock3 et. al. near titanium implants. Supporting the process of adhesion, the surface of dental implants is keyed and drilled in special processes, so that the bone is able to adhere to and grows into the implant ad good as possible. The implant part however that protrudes the bone, is smoothed down as much as possible to prevent coatings or formation of germs or adhesions. Copyright dr peter prechtel / Munich we make you smile again. Gesunde und strahlende Zähne ein Leben lang, Qualität und Ästhetik für Sie und Ihre Zufriedenheit durch ein schöneres Lachen, Strahlen, Sprechen, Kauen, Küssen. Denn schöne Augen , tolle Lippen und Zähne machen Ihr Gesicht und verleihen eine freundliche Ausstrahlung! Phone 0049-89-23269580 Center for High End Implantology Munich